Sandpoint Arc

Life at Sea

Stormreach docks
The heroes have learnt that they need to venture off to the elfish village, Realspear, on the island of Dunespoon to learn the origins of the ‘stolen Elf life-force myth’. They decide to find a willing captain and ship to take them out to sea.

Whilst in the Blue Dragon Pub, dMsky167 gets kicked out and Janerris talks with an old captain by the name of Billfish. Billfish agrees to take the heroes to where they want to go but in return they must act as bodyguards to him while he finds his secret treasure. Seeing as this was their only option the heroes agreed to the terms.

Out at sea Billfish and dMsky167 notice that the sea is awfully silent. Billfish suggests that the heroes get some sleep as he continues to navigate the ship.
The heroes are then woken up by an attack from a Water Elemental and a Salamander. After a long battle they successfully defeat their foes. Luckily for Billfish the heroes did not question the attack and they continue their journey.
Nenlast rough 2

They eventually arrive at Drákōn. As they get off the ship they notice a huge festival is taking place and the island is occupied by half-dragons creatures. Unsure of the people or festival the heroes constantly question the inhabitants. They learn that the half-dragons are celebrating the fire festival and a special surprise is going to take place in the fire-fountain, located in the center of the docks. Captain Billfish informs the heroes that he has to meet someone at the local pub and tells the heroes to not cause trouble. dMsky167 follows Billfish and after some harsh words with the bartender and removing his bow he finds himself in the towns jail.

O’Dracel learns that the inhabitants of the island aren’t friendly towards Elves and finds himself in jail with dMsky167 after questioning the whereabouts of his fellow Elf friend.
Janerris decides to free her friends by pretending to purchase salves while Baz waits in line at the customer service area of the jail. After lying his way into the jail, Baz leaves with dMsky167 and O’Dracel as his salves. The guards then pursue Baz as they discover that he had lied about his identity. The heroes forcefully make their way through the crowd as they watch a fully grown Black-Dragon on displayed in the town’s fire-fountain. An eerie sound is then heard by the heroes as all other sounds vanish. The heroes grasp their ears in pain as a ghost figure appears and begins to place a spell on the Black-Dragon. The eyes of the Black-Dragon turn completely white and he begins to move violently, scaring away the half-dragon crowd.
As the heroes fend off the dragon dMsky167 destroys the ghost, thus freeing the dragon. The dragon then flies to his freedom, so do the heroes, as they rush to the Devil’s Cry with Billfish and escape into the sea.



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