Sandpoint Arc


The heroes were sent to an ancient dungeon to slay Black Fang, the local dragon that was destroying Sandpoint. The heroes were inexperienced and unfamiliar with each other as they constantly argued and missed many hidden treasure.

The female dwarf wizard decided that she would not be weighed down by them and ventured into a room by herself. She discovered a magical ruby that would later be used to save her life.

After many misfortunes the heroes somehow made it into Black Fangs room. Facing the dragon head on and without thought the heroes struggled but managed to inflict damage on the baby dragon.

Black Fang, bored by the heroes nonsense, flies away, leaving its treasures for the heroes.

Baz received a Dragonsbane longsword after the battle and the heroes decided to return back to Sandpoint to receive their 1000 GP promised to them by the mayor.



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