Sandpoint Arc

Werewolves Invade

The heroes arrived at Sandpoint to find that the town was in ruins. Lor, a frightened Dwarf, wields a short sword. He is skaken and injured. After questioning the heroes motives he informs them that the town sheriff, Shalelu, would be located at the Rusty Dragon pub.

As the heroes approach the pub a wolf appears and engages them in combat. Whilst defending themselves, the Dwarf wizard flees into the pub. She lights a torch and finds that she is surrounded by a number of archers. A man with a hooded cloak over half his face reveals himself. He looks in the Dwarf’s direction. The Dwarf begins to stutter in his presence . She fails to talk and instead decides to hide in the darkness by blowing out her torch. This only angers the man as he pulls a blade on the Dwarfs neck.

The rest of the heroes successfully defeat the wolf. Baz Falconsflight enters the pub and the man is overjoyed at his sight. He questions Baz’s choice of friends and mocks dMsky167’s age and species. The man is revealed to be Conan Victor. He wears a similar, if not, out-dated armour to Baz (both displaying the Falconsflight crest). He wields two swords. One longsword that is battled scarred and one that appears to be a short-sword, almost dagger sized on his right hip. Conan convinces the heroes to aid him in the rescue of the Shalelu.

Heading down Festival street the heroes and Conan walk past a strange wall. The wall is covered in Runic writing. The Dwarf wizard reads the writing to find that it says “only those who are gifted may enter”. Still unsure as to how they will enter Janerris hears a slight whisper saying “only blood with open it”. The female Dwarf decides to cut herself and place her blood on the door but it does not open. O’Dracel does the same but instead the door lights up a bright blue. Conan, dMsky167 and Baz watch as the others collapse on the ground.

O’Dracel, Janerris and the dwarf are then transported to a strange, misty street. There is a warm light coming from a small house in the distance. They arrive at the house to find a human wizard sitting on a couch infront of a fireplace. He has strange patterns on his arms and face that shine a bright blue. He informs them of animal partners that will aid them on their journey called familiars. These familiars can be obtained by completing certain trials, the first one being to defeat a Water elemental that the mysterious wizard has summoned.

Werewolf by necromanga
Back to reality dMsky167, Baz and Conan must protect the motionless bodies of the others while a wolf and werewolf attack. dMsky167 attempts to protect the defenceless bodies but the Dwarf gets injured by the wolf. Baz is then infected by the werewolf and becomes a werewolf himself. Conan decides that to survive he must intervene and aid dMsky167.

Once Janerris, O’Dracel and the dwarf defeat the Water elemental they return to their bodies to find dMsky167 and Conan barely alive. Teaming up together and with the help the red-moon being block by clouds they live to fight another battle. Baz reverts back to his normal self and the party decide to venture on.

As they near the end of Festival Street another wolf appears. The wolf goes to attack Baz but Conan jumps infront and takes the blow. The attack sends Conan flying across the street and into a wall. The Dwarf wizard flees onto the roof. The rest of the heroes attack the wolf. Conan calls for dMsky167 and request that he takes the short-sword and give it to Baz. The sword has the same crest that appears on Baz and Conans armour. There is Runic writing on the blade but it is eroded and almost incomprehensible. dMsky167 accepts and leads the heroes to the roof tops, where the Dwarf waits.

On the rooftops, the heroes avoid the wolves and successfully make it to Sandpoint cathedral. The Dwarf wizard notices a hooded figure standing in the distance. dMsky167 hands the sword he received from Conan to Baz. The writing is read by Janerris and is found to state that those “who fly with the eagles…”. The hooded figure decides to talk to the heroes. The heroes question his intentions but the figure just mocks their lack of knowledge. He then summons Shalelu next to him. She does not move. On her arm is a symbol that glows a blood red. All the heroes are unfamiliar with this symbol.

The hooded figure grows bored with the heroes stupidity and approaches O’Dracel. He touches O’Dracel’s chest, which glows a blood-red in the shape of the symbol on Shalelu’s arm. The hooded figure reveals that O’Dracel will bring destruction to him and those around him. He then turns his attention to Baz and states that they will meet again when he is ready. The hooded-figure disappears in a bright flash. As he vanishes so does the clouds and red-moon.

The heroes agree to take the Shalelu to the Rusty Dragon. There they learn that they will need to travel to an ancient elf island to learn more about the hooded figures motivations and what the symbol means.



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